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Systems/Network Engineering or Information Assurance & Security position in Europe supporting U.S. DoD or NATO military operations.

U.S. military retiree with 22 years service, primarily supporting military intelligence operations; 16 years experience in systems and network management utilizing UNIX, Microsoft, and Cisco operating systems, in commercial and military environments; 11 years of supervision and project management experience. Current DoD Top Secret SSBI security clearance. Previously certified for Technical Expert Status (TESA) in Germany IAW Article 72 of the SOFA. Willing to travel to support operations in remote locations and hazardous zones.

-  Graduate Coursework in Business and Computer Science; M.S. degree in Information Security anticipated in 2011.
-  Bachelor's of Business Administration.
-  Associate in Applied Science, Information Systems Technology.
-  Associate in Applied Science, Criminal Justice.
-  Associate in Applied Science, Avionic Systems Technology.
-  Associate in Applied Science, Electronic Systems Technology.

CISSP, Certified Information Systems Security Professional.
MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for Windows Server 2003.
MCSA, Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator for Messaging on Windows Server 2003.
MCT, Microsoft Certified Trainer.
Project+, CompTIA Certified Project Manager.
Security+, CompTIA Certified Security Administrator.
A+, CompTIA Certified Computer Maintenance Technician.
Network+, CompTIA Certified Network Administrator.
DISA Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative (SCCVI) RETINA/REM Certified.
DoD 8570.01-M, IA Workforce Certification IAT/IAM-III.


Systems Engineer, Nitz Technologies, LLC, May 2003 – Present:
-  Independent contractor Information Technology and Systems Security consultant.
-  Design, install, and maintain complete LAN systems for small businesses and non-profit organizations, utilizing both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems on servers and workstations.
-  Commercial website design, including scripting and Java programming to extend automated business processes online.
-  Freelance Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Senior Computer Forensics Analyst, ManTech International Corporation, December 2007 – August 2009:
-  Performed forensic analysis of captured digital equipment and media in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
-  Acquired and exploited digital images of computer systems, cell phones, PDAs, cameras, and removable media.
-  Examined file structures, conducted system searches, and examined deleted files and unallocated disk space to extract files of interest using a broad variety of hardware and software forensic examination tools including EnCase, Forensic Toolkit, Tableau, and Talon.
-  Developed multi-lingual training programs and provided Sensitive Site Exploitation and Computer Forensic Analysis training to civilian and U.S. Army police and combat units.
-  Prepared and presented written and oral tactical intelligence reports to senior command elements.
-  Directly contributed to capture of insurgents, identified bomb manufacturers and attack organizers, and identified Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack methods. Analysis resulted in revised attack response procedures.
-  Assisted Army Criminal Investigations Division (CID) special agents by performing eDiscovery on computer systems confiscated as evidence in criminal investigations.
-  Performed Force Protection forensic analysis for the Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) on computers, cameras, and mobile phones belonging to local nationals who were departing the military base. Identified several enemy infiltrators who were subsequently apprehended and incarcerated.
-  Maintained a Dirty LAN, servers, workstations, and database. Provided technical support as the Information Technology subject matter expert to other intelligence analysts, interpreters, and other team members.
-  Provided value-added consulting to Battalion S-6 communications sections. Performed data recovery on Windows Exchange Servers, Active Directory Servers, and individual workstations and laptops.
-  Advised and assisted with Active Directory management, including adjusting group privileges and security policy.
-  Advised and assisted with Campus Area Network management, including reorganizing and optimizing sub-domains and virtual LAN structures.

Systems Security Specialist, L3 Communications, April 2005 - November 2007:
-  Lead Information Assurance Officer (IAO) for a U.S. Air Force DCGS Intelligence unit at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.
-  Analyzes vulnerabilities on UNIX and Microsoft servers and workstations, and Cisco routers and switches.
-  Performs system scans and vulnerability testing for system certification and accreditation.
-  Provides security and technology assessment data for incorporation into new system designs.
-  Accomplishes risk assessments for DoD secure facilities, including SCIF Tempest documentation.
-  Developed and authored more than 30 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
-  Authored the System Security Authorization Agreement (SSAA) and facilitated the initial accreditation for the USAF in Europe's coalition intelligence exploitation component of the AF DCGS weapons system.
-  Developed Incident Response Plan, Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan, and System Security Training Plan.

Systems Support Specialist, Houston Associates, Inc., September 2003 - May 2004:
-  Member of contract team tasked to transition the communications infrastructure at Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan, from deployed Combat Communications to permanent fixed operations.
-  Designed and implemented the initial Windows Server 2003 Active Directory infrastructure at Manas Air Base.
-  Created and managed groups and user accounts in Active Directory, including managing group privileges, local services, security policies, unlocking accounts and resetting passwords, and scheduling and performing system backups.
-  Trained Help Desk and Desktop Support personnel in system installation, configuration, and maintenance.
-  Provided in-shop maintenance for all Air Base computer systems.
-  Utilized Remedy tracking system to document all system maintenance and Help Desk tickets.
-  Designed, constructed, and maintained a laboratory for debugging system anomalies off the network.
-  Planned and implemented the configuration and installation of 400 new desktop systems within three weeks.
-  Authored site Communications Equipment Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) Plan.

System Administrator, Nevada Air National Guard, September 1998 - April 2003:
-  Administered Sun Solaris, Trusted Solaris, and Microsoft Operating Systems supporting Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) related ground systems for the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) supporting various manned and unmanned aerial reconnaissance platforms.
-  Performed hardware and software installation, testing, integration, upgrades, and troubleshooting.
-  Maintained Cisco routers and switches and resolved non-routine network, switch, and router problems.
-  Performed duties as Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO), Communications Security (COMSEC) Responsible Officer (CRO), and Secure Telephone Unit (STU) Responsible Officer (SRO).
-  Awarded Meritorious Service Medal for exceptional performance as lead System Administrator while deployed during the first year of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Director of Health and Safety Services, American Red Cross Sierra Nevada Chapter, March 1987 – August 2001:
-  Interim Director for the Sierra Nevada Chapter and Health and Safety Lead for the State of Nevada, November 2000 - June 2001.
-  Directly managed operations in northwest Nevada, oversaw operations of the two field offices in northeast Nevada, and provided policy guidance for offices in southern Nevada.
-  Directly supervised staff of 24, including administrative staff and professional instructors, and volunteer force of over 400.
-  Organized two major annual fund raising events producing more than 60% of the Chapter’s annual income.
-  Consulted with safety managers at major corporations and coordinated joint activities with other non-profit organizations across northern Nevada.
-  Implemented newly updated safety training programs, including re-training nearly 400 instructors and instructor trainers.
-  Designed and implemented the first website for the American Red Cross in northern Nevada.
-  Acquired new equipment and designed and installed a new network system for all offices in Northern Nevada.
-  American Red Cross Volunteer for 26 years; management-level volunteer for 14 years, 1987 - 2001.
-  Chairman of Health and Safety Services for the Sacramento Area Chapter, a Key Resource Chapter, for 3 years, 1988 - 1990.
-  Directly managed operations over a six county area of northern California.
-  Directly supervised 20 Instructor Trainers and indirectly managed 5000 department volunteers.
-  Collaborated on the curriculum development and served on the faculty of two Regional Staff Leadership Colleges.
-  Organized the facilities and managed a staff of 400, for two consecutive years, for the primary site of the nation’s largest CPR training event, accommodating more than 4000 participants at one site in one day.
-  Personally trained and certified more than 1000 Instructors and Instructor Trainers since 1987 in various Health, Safety, Disaster Preparedness, and general adult education disciplines.

Firmware Engineer II, International Game Technology, October 1994 - January 1999:
-  Developed firmware using C, C++, and assembly languages for embedded systems.
-  Developed and implemented test plans for new casino games and gaming equipment.
-  Administered a secure LAN integrating UNIX, VMS, OS2, Linux, and Microsoft operating systems.
-  Installed, configured, networked, and maintained software and hardware on x86, VAX, and Alpha platforms.

Avionic Sensors Maintenance Technician, Nevada Air National Guard, September 1993 - September 1998:
-  Maintained cameras, electro-optical sensors, and sensor control systems on RF-4C and RC-130 reconnaissance aircraft.
-  Experienced with oscilloscopes, analog and digital multi-meters, soldering, wiring, solder-less connections, drawing and interpreting schematics, and troubleshooting to the component level.
-  Designed a single-board embedded computer to provide translation and transfer of data between legacy proprietary airborne sensor systems and current open technology.

Small Business Consultant, Tony A. Nitz (sole proprietor / self-employed), November 1987 - September 1993:
-  Independent contractor consultant to small businesses, offering a broad range of consulting services, including Real Estate, Insurance, and IT support.
-  California Department of Real Estate License #00971630.
-  California Department of Insurance License #0803219.
-  Developed custom software and business form templates to customer specifications.
-  Developed office automation strategies.
-  Designed, installed, and maintained complete LAN systems for small businesses and non-profit organizations, utilizing both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems on servers and workstations.

Scientific Projects Manager, Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC), May 1982 - March 1990:
-  Managed scientific projects which monitor world-wide atmospheric burdens of radioactivity.
-  Directed the analysis efforts for multiple analysis teams, performed QA on data and procedures, and prepared the final reports on results.
-  Participated as a flight crew member and project lead on non-routine aerial sample collection operations.
-  Fabricated and maintained cryogenic gas separations and tritium sampling equipment.
-  Performed separations and purifications of fission products and induced radionuclide species, utilizing both wet chemistry and instrumental analysis procedures.
-  Technically reviewed and rewrote 40 radiochemical laboratory procedures.
-  Authored a laboratory safety reference and training manual.
-  Developed an on-the-job training program which decreased technician training time by 35%.
-  Essential member of the primary team which analyzed samples from the Chernobyl reactor accident.

Security Police, USAF Strategic Air Command (SAC), July 1978 - May 1982:
-  Provided armed security and Air Base Ground Defense for alert aircraft and nuclear weapons storage area.
-  Duties included close-in security, entry control, alarm monitoring, convoy escort, Fire Team Leader, and Reserve Response Force Leader.
-  Area Supervisor, responsible for up to 30 armed guards.

- ManTech Digital Forensics Exploitation Course (EnCase and FTK software)
- Cisco Routers: CCNA Academic Preparation and Laboratories
- Cisco Routers: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction
- Sun Microsystems: NIS+ Naming Service Administration
- Sun Microsystems: Solaris System Administration I
- Sun Microsystems: Solaris System Administration II
- Red Hat Linux Essentials
- American Red Cross Regional Instructor Trainer School
- Instructor Skills for Microsoft Certified Trainer Program
- Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) 2830, Designing Security for Microsoft Networks
- MOC 2279, Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure
- MOC 2278, Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure
- MOC 2277, Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure
- MOC 2276, Implementing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure: Network Hosts
- MOC 2275, Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment
- MOC 2274, Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment
- MOC 2272, Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional
- MOC 2159, Deploying and Managing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000
- Microsoft Official Curriculum, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 System Administration
- Microsoft Official Curriculum, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Core Technologies
- Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) Guard System Administration
- USAF Communications-Computer Systems Operations School
- USAF Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
- USAF On-The-Job Training Trainer/Supervisor Course
- USAF Reconnaissance Systems Maintenance Course
- USAF Avionic Sensor Systems Maintenance School
- USAF Nuclear Emergency Team Operations School
- USAF Aircrew Physiological Training
- USAF Water Survival School
- USAF Basic Survival School (SERE: Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape)
- AF Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) Laboratory Supervision and Management Course
- AF Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) Laboratory Systems Maintenance Course
- AF Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) Scientific Laboratory Technician School
- USAF Security Police Tactics Course
- USAF Security Police Academy

- International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium Member
- Computer Technology Industry Association Professional Member
- National University Alumni Association Life Member
- Veterans of Foreign Wars Life Member, VFW Post 2313 Communications Chairman
- Appalachian Trail Conservancy Life Member
- Maine Appalachian Trail Club Life Member
- Pacific Crest Trail Association Life Member

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