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        Here you'll find links to government organizations, non-profit trail service organizations, and home pages of many long-distance hikers and adventure travelers.  These are just links to other sites, so the Hiker Trash Haven cannot take responsibility for their content.  If you'd like to have your home page linked here, just e-mail the Hiker Trash Webmaster.  To contact one of the hikers listed here, e-mail them through their individual home page.

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Link to the U.S. National Park Service, National Trail System page.

Link to the Pacific Crest Trail Association home page.     Link to the Continental Divide Trail home page.     Go to the Hiker Trash Haven list of Appalachian Trail related links.
is the web site for Pacific Crest Trail hikers.  This first class site contains journals, photos, hiker registry, and much more.
is where you'll find Craig Griffen's excellant online interactive Pacific Crest Trail hike planning program.

Campy's Trail Projects!
A project search point for trail service volunteers.  Two mirror sites are hosted.  On the east coast, is based out of New York City.  On the west coast, is based out of Pasadena.  The site started out primarily supporting Pacific Crest Trail projects, but now maintains connections to trail service volunteer sites worldwide.

Peter Haskell's OnTheCrest Consulting focuses on whole-systems strategic planning. The site includes his hiking journals and photos.

Hobbit's Hiking Pages
This is Tom Roger's personal site at, and includes his journals, maps, and photos along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Chris Mills, PCT Sections (2000 & 2004), CDT Section (2004)

Rachael & Scott's PCT Thru-Hike

A nice and friendly stop for Pacific Crest Trail hikers when they are walking through Steven's Pass near Skykomish, Washington.

George Spearing, Oamaru, New Zealand

Ty's Place

Karen Berger

Jim Bruton's Home Page

Margo Chisholm "To the Summit"

Chris and Marj's Bagels and Backpacks

Tony Davis' Backpacking Trips

Chet Fromm's Backpacker Guide

Groth & Marley's Backpacking, Rafting, & Camping Adventures


JohnO's Ultralight Backpacking Page

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak's Backpacking Adventures

Mountaineering in Colorado

Navigator's Place

Jonathon Ley, All About Phlumf

Tony Nitz (sometimes called "Prehistoric Tony" or just "PT")

Simply Seeking

Ron Strickland, founder of the Pacific Northwest Trail

Chomp's Great Adventure

John Davis' Appalachian Trail Page

HAE's Wilderness Survival Guide

Thru Hike the AT with Mark & Janet Holmes

Felix J. McGillicuddy

Bill Person (Pooh, AT '96)

Spur & Ready's AT Hike Journals

Dan "Sheltowee" Rogers

Stitches' Thru-Hiking Journal

Link to Australia's Bicentennial National Trail home page.Link to Australia's Bicentennial National Trail home page.

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