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This section will contain a new quote every day that will be supplied from a script that will access a database I am preparing. The script and database are relatively easy to set up, but it is taking me awhile to find the time to transcribe all the relavent quotes I've collected into the database. When I'm done, you'll see it here!
Tony in an 18th century Spanish bunker at Fort Santiago, Panama.
Tony's Original Literature
These are some of my published works, mostly short stories, that may be of interest to some.  Eventually you'll also see works published by others, along with a selection of my favorite public domain literature.  I hope you enjoy what you find here.  Your feedback, comments and criticisms, are always appreciated.
  Facing the Bear:  A Visionquest  
  A man on a wilderness journey discovers the true nature of fear and courage, and ultimately finds the strength to take responsibility for his own life.  
  Based on a true story of a single mother's unconscious abuse of her child, from the child's point of view.  
  Shadowbear Trading Post  
  A love story.  
  An escape from one self-imposed prison to another.  
  Opinions and other Rhetoric  
  This page is still under construction.  When ready, you'll see essays, research papers, political opinions, and other topical rhetoric written by me and others (published here with their knowledge and permission).  You'll see my points of view on current wars.  I'll publish proof that President George W. Bush really did win the popular vote in 2000, with an explanation why the popular vote was irrelevant.  I have some attorney friends that really disappoint me with how little they really understand U.S. law, and how they let their emotions cloud their objective judgment.  I do not consider myself politically conservative or liberal, just objective and intelligent enough to find the facts and make a logical determination of truth based on the facts.  Once these writings start appearing here, I will welcome and post any well thought out and constructive comments.  The really moronically rude comments will also be posted here, to provide the rest of us with comic relief!  
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